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Farm pesticides killing more bees - study
Commercial formulas containing multiple chemicals should require their own licences, researchers say.
Floods: Research shows millions more at risk of fl
Numbers of people exposed to flooding globally have risen by almost a quarter in two decades.
Keir Starmer attacks government record on green jo
The Labour leader says there is a "chasm between soundbites and action" on climate-friendly employment.
Thailand bans coral-damaging sunscreens in marine
Anyone flouting the rules could be fined due to the damage some lotions can cause to coral.
COP26 'should be hybrid event' says former climate
The main architect of Paris Agreement says the summit will need to be a mix of virtual and in-person meetings.
Timber shortage due to 'unprecedented' post-lockdo
Prices are rising sharply as climate change and post-lockdown DIY and building projects hit supplies.
Climate change: Wales set to build 20,000 low-carb
Welsh ministers announce plans to tackle a housing shortage and the problem of climate change.
Finance firms plan to close coal plants in Asia
The Asian Development Bank aims to have the plan ready for the COP26 climate conference in November.
Then and now: The burning issue of wildfires
Scientists are increasingly concerned climate change is making fires more frequent and more intense.
Electric car charging prices 'must be fair' say MP
Consumers should not have to pay excessive prices to use public car charging, MPs say.
UK already undergoing disruptive climate change
Last year was the third warmest, fifth wettest and eighth sunniest on record in the UK, scientists warn.
COP26 climate summit president says progress made,
The first in-person climate meeting in 18 months sees some tentative progress, but no breakthroughs.
Iran water: What's causing the shortages?
Iranian officials have warned of historic drought while experts blame years of poor water management.
'Most powerful' tidal turbine starts generating el
The Orbital O2, which is anchored off Orkney, has the capacity to meet the annual power demand of 2,000 homes.
Climate change: Researchers begin discussions on v
A two-week virtual negotiation begins on the most critical climate change report since 2013.
Extreme weather: What causes flash flooding?
Cities across the world are at risk of extreme rainfall overwhelming their streets
UK military opens first space command centre
The new operations centre will help the UK maintain a "battle-winning advantage", ministers say.
Boeing's Starliner spacecraft: A guide
Starliner is one of two vehicles designed to transport astronauts to and from the space station.
Russian module mishap destabilises International S
The ISS was pushed out of position after engines on a new Russian module unexpectedly fired up.
Bezos' $2bn offer to get back in race to the Moon
The billionaire offers to cover $2bn in Nasa costs to be reconsidered for a Moon lander contract.
The fungus and bacteria tackling plastic waste
Bacteria, fungus and enzymes can all digest plastic, but can they work at a useful commercial scale?
Finding answers to the world's drinking water cris
Scientists are racing to come up with technologies that can solve the world's clean water shortage.
The new surgical tool inspired by a wasp
The device avoids clogging by using friction instead of suction, similar to the way a parasitoid wasp lays its eggs.
Is there a future for Africa's lions?
As lion populations decline across much of Africa, could community-led conservation help reverse this trend?
AI breakthrough could spark medical revolution
A program has been used to predict the structures of nearly every protein in the human body.
Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson's long, winding p
The BBC tracks the long, winding road to Sir Richard Branson's flight to the edge of space.
'Jurassic Pompeii' yields thousands of 'squiggly w
Scientists are excavating one of the most important Jurassic sites ever discovered in the UK.



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